We have created recipes and resources for parents & children to explore creative ways to use foods that grow in the ground. 

Recipes, interactive activities & more
assembly and classroom shows
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Cooking in the kitchen

Food-Funtastic brings the fun into teaching nutrition and healthy eating. We have created fun coloring pages with recipes on them to try at home.  

Our emphasis is on discovering fun foods to make with Veggies, Fruits, Nuts, Grains, and Beans.

We are  looking for easy recipes ( 8 ingredients or less.)  That use only Veggies, Fruits, Beans, Nuts and Grains. 

Magic and non-magic educational shows

Our Show : Food-Funtastic features fun assemblies and lots of interactive activities to teach CHILDREN and ADULTS how to create fun, healthy foods to eat. 


Getting kids

Food-Funtastic Educational Magic & Puppetry Nutrition Shows.